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100 Dawns Book Launch – Friday 23rd February 2018

Join Richy to celebrate the launch on his new poetry book 100 Dawns: A divine entwine of Mother Nature and human nature

When: 7:30pm-9:30pm Friday 23rd February 2018
Where: Quiksilver Bar61 Torquay – 61 Geelong Rd Torquay Victoria

Please click here for full details

Facebook Event Link: 100 Dawns Book Launch


rbennett_portrait_31mar14Richy Bennett
Performance Psychologist
Author Mentor Keynote Speaker

Rich is a leading Performance Psychologist with 15+ years experience enabling individuals and teams to deliver best performance and achieve their goals. Also an engaging national and international keynote speaker, Rich shares first-hand narratives with powerful and transformative insights on human performance and enrichment.

Best known as the pioneer of Surf Psychology and author of the seminal book The Surfer’s Mind Rich has also held several senior positions within Australian Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games Teams, Institutes of Sport and National Sport Organisations.

Rich consults locally and globally with entry level to elite performers in sport, artistic performance, adventure pursuits and business, along with young people and their parents/supports to nurture healthy psychological development and potential.

Rich delivers balanced, practical, targeted services that enable you to perform your best, achieve your goals and enjoy enriched health and happiness…

Perform… Achieve…

Be Healthy… Be Happy…

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