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My passion is to enliven heart and mind so that people achieve best performance, health and happiness.

I believe realising our full potential involves cultivating the innate qualities of heart and mind together, and that our journey is deeply enriched by living in harmony with our natural environment and sharing loving kindness with all sentient beings.

The foundation of my professional service is formal education, training and supervision, along with much love, wisdom and insight from several divine teachers. Challenging myself in my own life passions also serves to enliven my heart, enlighten my mind and shape my performance based approach.

I appreciate the opportunity to share and work with you for best performance, achievement, health and happiness…


Richy Bennett
Performance Psychologist
Founder – Om Psychology

Om Psychology
Surf Psychology

Professional Roles
– Performance Psychologist – Om Psychology – since September 2013
– Surf Psychologist – thesurfersmind.com – since September 1999
– Consulting Psychologist – Headspace Youth Mental Health Service, Geelong, 2014-present
– Principal Psychologist – Australian Paralympic Team, 2012 Paralympic Games, London, UK
– Senior Psychologist – New South Wales Institute of Sport, 2005-2011
– Performance Psychologist – Australian Institute of Sport, 2005-2010
– Performance Psychologist – Olympic Winter Institute of Australia, 2006-2010
– Australian Team Psychologist – 2010 Commonwealth Games, Delhi, India
– Australian Team Psychologist – 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver, Canada
– Principal Psychologist – Australian Paralympic Team, 2008 Paralympic Games, Beijing, China
– Australian Team Psychologist – 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing, China
– Psychology Lecturer – Australian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney, Australia, 2007
– Australian Team Psychologist – 2006 Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, Australia
– Author – The Surfer’s Mind – Published April 2004, first reprint September 2006
– Surf Psychologist – World Surf League, Global, 2000-2003
– Senior Psychologist – Pathways to Best Practice in Indigenous Mental Health, Portland, Victoria, 1998-1999
– Senior Psychologist – Portland Community Psychiatric Service, South West Healthcare, Victoria, 1997-1999

Education & Qualifications
– Registered Psychologist, AHPRA / Psychology Board of Australia, since 1999
– 4+2 Psychology Internship Program – Supervisor: Associate Professor Carol Hulbert PhD, Director Clinical Program and Director Psychology Clinic, The University of Melbourne, 1997-1999
– Advanced Training in the Reiki Method of Natural Healing, Denise & John Crundall USUI SHIKI RYOHO, Life Resource Reiki Centre, Warrnambool, 1997-1998
– Diploma of Solution Oriented Counselling, Centre of Effective Therapy, Melbourne, 1997
– Honors Degree in Psychology, Deakin University, Geelong, 1995
– Bachelor of Arts – Extended Major in Psychology and Major in Sociology, Deakin University, Geelong, 1994
– Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Wesley College, Melbourne, 1990

Divine Teachers
– Family – my loving mother, father, brother, sister, aunty, extended family and the next generation…
– My highly spirited and enlightened Labrador’s from birth to adulthood
– Dr Peter Kremer – professional mentor, colleague and dear friend
– Ramon Francis – my first Yoga Guru and dear friend
– Lorrie Bell – Life Resource Reiki Centre Warrnambool
– Denise & John Crundall – Usui Reiki Centre Camberwell
– Mother Nature

Portfolioselection of professional roles and services



Om Psychology

My approach to professional service and life



Art of knowing self, one another and the nature of true reality Science of mental states, processes, functions and behaviour
Experiential journey of discovery, mastery and evolution Scientific method of investigation, application and evaluation
Primordial seed vibration of the universe – basis of all connection and co-creation Brain is command centre – basis of perception, sensation, emotion and behaviour
A – waking state, consciousness of outer world
U – dream state, consciousness of inner world
M – dreamless state, ultimate unity
Transcendent state of consciousness
Conscious mind
Subconscious mind
Higher consciousness
Exalted states of consciousness
Eastern tradition / Experiential wisdom Western approach / Evidence based
How it is / Subjective experience How it must be / Objective measure
Imaginative / Spontaneous / Creative Factual / Planned / Constructed
Limitless / Fluid / Free Limited / Fixed / Controlled
Spiritual / Intuitive / Heart Corporeal / Intellectual / Mind

Many indigenous cultures share the natural resonance of Om and I am particularly inspired by traditional Aboriginal and Hawaiian ways of life. In addition, the wonders of modern science, technology and the new digital age present amazing opportunity to cultivate human potential.

Mindfully balancing the art and science of psychology along with social / cultural and evolutionary realities of nature and life enables me to deeply understand people in their performance domain and deliver balanced, practical and effective Services


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Surf Psychology

Love of Surfing + Love of Psychology

The simplest way to manifest our dreams is to live our passions. In 1999 I combined my passion for surfing with my passion for psychology and manifested the dream role of travelling the globe on the World Surf League (WSL – formerly ASP World Tour) working with the world’s best competitive surfers, big wave riders and free surfers. Along the way I formed wonderful friendships and enjoyed surfing many of the magical waves I had always dreamed to surf. My lifelong love of writing also manifested in the form of my first book The Surfer’s Mind: The complete, practical guide to Surf Psychology

It was a pleasure to begin my career in performance psychology by immersing in the sport and lifestyle I love. It’s also been wonderful to see how my knowledge and skills in Surf Psychology have enriched my service in so many settings and how my service in other life / performance domains deeply enriches my continued love and work in Surf Psychology.

For information about Surf Psychology including my research, writings and specialist services for surfers please go to: